Social Media- a Double Edged Sword

Social Media, a double edged sword.

By staff writer

One day ago, two Chinese nationals were murdered in their shop in Mumbwa Town, Central Province of Zambia. Immediately one the same day after the incident happened, the CCTV footage were spread through the social media rapidly and a few hours ago, the video which showing a suspect was arrested also emerging through most of the local social media platforms. Even when you google the keywords: Chinese national murdered, it comes out the first page full of the same news and videos.

We are not going to talk about the incident. However, the leakage of the video and CCTV footage has shown the current social media’s impact is really fearsome. First of all, the leakage of the CCTV footage will make the investigation become difficult as the entire community is sharing and suspecting which the culprit will also aware the same and try to abscond. Secondly, the leakage of the video will also jeopardize the investigation because the suspect may be not the one or may have other accomplices and the leakage will lead others completely escape from arresting.

We are hoping proper and professional investigation can be successfully conducted so that the criminals can be brought to book.


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