Tyson Fury reveals he drove Ferrari at 190mph towards motorway bridge in suicide bid


TYSON Fury has detailed his horrifying fight with depression and revealed the lowest point of his life – when he thought he wanted to die.

The Gypsy King has returned to the sport after almost two years out of the ring, following his sensational win over Wladimir Klitschko in 2015.

Fury has not been shy of talking about his battle with depression after the highlight of his career – which saw him turn to drugs and alcohol.

And now the lineal champion has lifted the lid on his lowest point in a candid interview on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast.

“I was waking up and I did not want to be alive,” Fury said.

“Nobody could talk any sense into me at all and I felt very low.

“I had just bought a brand new car – a Ferrari convertible in summer 2016 – and I was on the motorway.

“At the bottom of about a five-mile stretch, there is a massive bridge and I got the car up to 190mph and did not care about anyone.

“I didn’t care about nothing, I just wanted to die.”

But Fury revealed how a moment of clarity helped save his life and prevented him from making a permanent choice to a temporary problem.

“Just as I got to the bridge, I heard a voice saying ‘no don’t do this Tyson – think about your kids, your family and all the people you will hurt’.

“I pulled over and I was shaking and was so afraid.

“And after that day I would never, ever think or try to do it again.”

Fury, who has beaten both Sefer Seferi and Francesco Pianeta this year, revealed how seeking medical advice helped him move on.

He added: “I went and got help from a psychiatrist doctor in the UK.

“And my dad went with me.

“The doctor revealed to him how I was a risk – and that put him in terror.

“He was checking up on me all the time and even sleeping in my house with me.”

But Fury did manage to turn things around, after hearing Deontay Wilder speaking on the radio about Mike Tyson.

The 30-year-old revealed that the Bronze Bomber motivated him to contact trainer Ben Davison.

Between them, they helped Fury get back into the gym and shed more than 160lbs in 6 months.

Fury was discussing his battle with depression, a form of mental illness that affects one in four people in the UK.

Source: The Star



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